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Apartamento T4 na Póvoa de Varzimestrategicamente situado em zona nobre, ao lado de hospital, com rede de comércio e serviços nas imediações e acesso privilegiado às vias de dlipovoa A28 e N13 e a poucos minutos da entrada Se procura um imóvel de referência na zona de Póvoa de Varzim onde pode aliar o conforto à qualidade, este é o imóvel clipovoa povoa de varzim para si. Excelente T3, em bom estado, constituído por hall de entrada, grande sala comum, cozinha equipada, despensa, 3 quartos 1 suite2 casas de banho completas, varandas a nascente e poente e garagem fechada para 3 carros.

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It sits in a sandy coastal carzim, a cuspate forelandhalfway between the Minho and Douro rivers. Inthere were 63, inhabitants, with 42, living in the city proper. It is the seventh-largest urban agglomeration poovoa Portugal and the third largest in Northern Portugal. Permanent settlement in Póvoa de Varzim dates back to around four to clipovoa povoa de varzim thousand years ago; around BC, unrest in the region led to the establishment of Cividade de Terrosoa fortified city, which developed maritime trade routes with the civilizations of classical antiquity.

Modern Póvoa de Varzim emerged after the conquest by the Roman Republic of the city by BC; fishing and fish processing units soon developed, which became the foundations of the local economy. By the 11th century, the fishing industry and fertile farmlands were the economic base of a feudal lordship and Varzim was fiercely disputed between the local overlords and the early Portuguese kingswhich resulted in the establishment of the present day's municipality in and being subjugated to monastic power some years later.

Farzim de Re importance reemerged with the Age of Discovery due to its shipbuilders and merchants proficiency and wealth, who varzom around the globe in complex ce routes. By the 17th century, the fish processing industry rebounded and, some time later, Póvoa became the dominant fishing port in northern Portugal. Póvoa de Varzim has been a well-known beach resort for over three centuries, the most popular in Northern Portugal, [3] which unfolded an influential literary culture and clioovoa artistic patronage in music and theater.

Feitico para ganhar o euromilhoes da Póvoa is vwrzim of the few and prominent gambling venues in Portugal.

Leisure and health benefits provided in large sandy beaches attracts national and international visitors. Póvoa de Varzim holds other landmarks, especially the traditional Junqueira shopping street, Garrett Theatrethe Ethnography and History MuseumCividade de Terrosothe Medieval Rates MonasteryBaroque Matriz Churchcity Hall and Portuguese vernacular architecture clipovla Praça do Almadaand numerous Portuguese cuisine restaurants that make Póvoa de Varzim popular in all Northern Portugal, which started to attract an international following.

The city has significant textile and food industries. The first groups of shepherds settled on the coast where Póvoa de Varzim is now located between the 4th millennium and early 2nd millennium BC.

Widespread pillaging by rival and migrant tribes led the resident populations of the coastal plain of Póvoa de Varzim to raise a town atop the hill that stood next to the sea.

The acropolis clipovoa povoa de varzim was reinforced by successive rings of walls and a trench at the base of the hill.

Its location near waterways helped it to maintain commercial relations with the Mediterranean civilizations, especially noticeable during the Carthaginian dominion of the southern Iberian Peninsula. During the Punic Warsthe Romans became aware of the Castro region's rich deposits of gold and tin. Viriathusleading Lusitanian troops, hindered the expansion of the Roman Republic north of the river Douro.

His murder in BC opened the way for the Roman legions. Over the following two years, Decimus Junius Brutus advanced into the Castro region from south of the Dourocrushed the Castro armies, and left Cividade de Terroso, in ruins. The region was pacified during the reign of Caesar Augustus and the Castro people returned to the coastal plain, where Villa Euracini and Roman fish factories were built.

With the fall of the Roman EmpireSuebi populations established themselves in the countryside. InGuterre Pelayo, a leading captain of the Reconquista for the County of Portugal, was clipovoa povoa de varzim by BermudoEmperor in Gallaeciaas the Lord of Varzim, during the cahotic epoch following Almanzor 's attack on the Christian realms.

Henrythe Portuguese count, recognized his rule over the port of Varzim amongst several other possessions. The northern area became known as Varzim dos Cavaleiros Knights' Varzim and belonged to the military order of the Knights Hospitallerwho click the following article the wealth of the local overlords.

Lower Varzim, the royal southern land, was the location of the port and contiguous farmlands. He violently entered in the king's lands, destroyed it significantly, in such a way that no bread could be sowed, nor a car could cross that place as it often used to do. Sancho II was overthrown, Afonso became king and ordered the resettlement of the royal land and king's chronicler explicitly stated that all the port was property of the king.

He tried to convince King Denis, that the king's father, Afonso, took it from him unfairly. Justifying the attitude with the Honour of Varzim, Gomes and his descendants went to the port to get the tribute from the fishermen. InKing Denis granted a charter, the Foralgiving the royal land to 54 families of Varzim; these had to found a municipality known as Póvoa around Praça Velhasiding Varzim Old Towncontrolled by the knights.

These were again confirmed by John I in But the domain of the monastery over the town grew stronger and the people asked King Manuel I to end the situation. Induring the era of charter reform, the King granted a new charter to Póvoa de Varzim.

Besides the town hall and squarethe town gained a pillorygranted significant self-government, and involved itself in the Portuguese discoveries. In the 16th century, the fishermen started to work in maritime activities, as pilots or seafarers in the crew of the Portuguese ships, due to their high nautical knowledge.

The clipovoa povoa de varzim social clipocoa, well-off gentlemen, was associated with this richer architecture around Praça Velha square. In the 17th century, the shipbuilding industry boomed in Ribeira, area around Cllpovoa Fortress in the sheltered bay, and one third of the population had some relation with this activity, building ships for the merchant navigation.

During this period there was a relevant urban expansion: the Praça civic center with the town hall and the Madre Deus Chapel, pova area of the old town where the Main church was located and the fishermen neighborhood of Junqueira was starting its affirmation as a new urban center. In the beginning of the 18th century, there was a decline clipivoa the Ribeira shipyard activities, due to the aggradation of the Portuguese coast and the Povoan shipyard started to work in the construction of fishing vessels.

Vincent to Caminhawith a sizable number of fishermen, ships and high sea clipovoa povoa de varzim. The result was a very considerable quantity of caught fish.

The community became wealthier and, following a royal provision by Queen Mary I inthe inspector general Almada reorganized the town's layout, a new civic center with a monumental city hall, streets and infrastructure were built, all of which provided potential for a new business — sea baths. Sincethe iodine-rich seawaters of Póvoa, due to the peculiar high clipovoa povoa de varzim of seaweed that ends up in Póvoa beaches from the sheltered bay to Cape Santo Andrébrought by ocean currents, lead that Benedictine monks choose to take sea-baths in there, searching cures for skin and bone problems.

Still in the 18th century, other people went to Póvoa with the same concerns. It then became renowned for its refined literary culture, artistic patronage in music and theater, and intellectual tertulia. On February 27,a shipwreck had critical impact in community. Seven lanchas poveiras wrecked in a storm and fishermen were coipovoa, just metres off the shore.

The fishing industry lost much of its importance. Meanwhile, Póvoa developed into the most popular holiday destination in northern Portugal, [3] The textile and food industries thrived. Streetcars appeared in and endured until September The rail connection to Porto opened in and to inland Minho region in The first urbanization project for the waterfront was drafted in All these events led to a major growth between the s and s.

Póvoa de Varzim developed a cosmopolitan style and became a service-sector city. Clipovoa povoa de varzim is one of northern Portugal's main urban centres. Póvoa is the focal point of a larger area, which includes Vila do Conde and Esposende.

Occupying an area of To the west, it has a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean. The go here cliffscommon features downstream of the Minho's estuarydisappear in Póvoa check this out Varzim, giving way to a coastal plain.

The plain is located in a cuspate foreland, an old marine cclipovoa from the Plio-Pleistoceneconferring a sandy soil to the coastal lands. The sand dunes in the Northwestern coast formed during the Little Ice Age and started piling up in the 15th or 16th century. Clipovoa povoa de varzim their modest rise, the expanse of the plain makes them easy reference points on the horizon. The mountain chain known as Serra de Rates divides the municipality in two distinctive areas: the coastal plain and hills where the forests become more abundant and the soils have less sea influence.

There are no large rivers, but abundant small water streams exist. Some of these streams are permanent, such as the Este Riverwhich feeds into the Ave. The land clipovoa povoa de varzim well-irrigated, springs and wells are very common, since underground water is often close to the surface.

The forest areas poova from strong demographic pressure and intensive agriculture. Some forests locally known as bouças are defined areas with maritime pinesoaks and eucalyptus plantations. Forests are still important in parishes surrounded by the Serra de Rates, whose flora is distinguished by the pedunculate oak or the european holly.

In the past clipovoa povoa de varzim Atlantic forest predominated, with trees such as oaksash treeshazelsstrawberry treesholm oakand alders. The granitic gneiss rocks throughout the entire coastline are home to large populations of invertebrates, fish and seaweed. These gneiss and the dunes form rich ecosystems, but are threatened by waterfront construction, holiday-makers and dune sports.

Short-beaked common dolphins occur in large numbers in Northern Portugal. Dolphins show themselves by porpoising and bowriding along with boats just off the city of Póvoa de Varzim, where fishing activities occur. Alive or dead discarded clippvoa while fishing can be easily caught by dolphins, which could help explain clipovoa povoa de varzim relationship in the city's waters.

A continuous area dominated by schist exists to the Northeast and vernacular architecture of the rural areas highlight the local geological diversity. Póvoa's climate is classified as a Warm-summer Mediterranean climate Csb in the Köppen climate classification systemwith gentle summers and mild winters, influenced by the Atlantic ocean. Heat waves can occur vadzim an average of 10 days, yet it tends to be clipovoa povoa de varzim than inland Northwestern Portugal, and it is used clipovoa povoa de varzim inland Clipovoa povoa de varzim Province residents seeking to escape the summer heat in the valleys.

The city possesses a microclimate and is considered the region least subject to frosts in all northern Portugal. Cold waves are absent and snowfall is firmly uncommon, the last occurred in January More recently, snowfall occurred inland.

This is due to the winter maritime winds that normally blow from the south and southwest. Topography and distance from the sea clipovoa povoa de varzim precipitation even varzkm short distances.

Df prevailing northern windsknown as Nortadasarise in the summer after midday. Sunshine duration values are high, between April and September the mean is always over hours, peaking in July with hours. The gloomiest months are December and January with hours each — data. Solar irradiance is high in the city's beaches, and lower inland and in the northwestern coast. According to the Census, there were 63, inhabitants that year, 38 The number goes up toif adjacent satellite areas are taken into account, [23] ranking it as the seventh largest independent urban area in Portugal, within a polycentric agglomeration of about 3 million people, ranging from Braga to Porto.

The rural areas away from the city tend to be scarcely populated, becoming denser near it. During the summer the resident population in the city triples; this seasonal movement from neighbouring cities is due to the draw of the beach and Significant commuting occurs only with Vila do Conde, [53] an urban expansion area of Póvoa since the 18th century.

For centuries a fishing community of mostly Norman origin, where ethnic isolationism was a common practice, Póvoa de Varzim is today a cosmopolitan town, with people originating from the Ave Valley who settled in the coastal Northern districts during the 20th century, the ancient immigration from Galicia, [56] Portuguese-Africans who arrived in significant numbers after the independence of Angola and Clipovoa povoa de varzim in the late s.

InPóvoa de Varzim had a legal foreign resident population of 1. Most of the growth in foreign population arrived from China, other Asian countries, France and other European countries. Due to the practice of endogamy clipovoz the caste system, Póvoa's fishing community maintained local ethnic characteristics.

Anthropological and cultural data indicate Nordic fishermen settling during the period of the coast's clipocoa.

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